About Me

This is who I am.

Raised in a pew in Wilmington, NC,  my identity lies in my Creator. I am a born-again Christ follower. I live to serve Him, and I put Him first in my life.

While studying Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University, God called me to be a youth leader at my home church, Living Water Ministries.

After earning my degree, I decided to get a little bit of training in youth ministry. I decided Youth With A Mission (YWAM) was my best avenue.

My Intro to YWAM

In September 2004 I moved to Richmond, VA to take YWAM Virginia’s Discipleship Training School (DTS) and Principles of Child & Youth Ministry (PCYM) school. This was a life-changing experience! I would encourage you to take a DTS! These schools took me to Goa, India and several parts of the US within a year. But more importantly, it gave me a foundation of trusting in God for my provision and laying the steps of my walk with Him.

I returned home in the summer of 2005, and became the volunteer youth leader at Living Water. I honestly had no desire to leave Wilmington. I loved it there, and I love the teens that I discipled. But God had other plans for me.

My Return to YWAM

In 2010, God began telling me that He had bigger things in store for me. But in order to see them, I would need to know what it’s like to trust Him to provide for me. So by His nudging, I quit my job at the local Christian bookstore and spent 6 months relying on His provision and waiting to hear more from Him.

I read through the Bible that year, as well as books like Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Radical by David Platt. By the fall, I knew what God wanted me to do. He was leading me to return to YWAM and join CROWN at the Kona, HI base.

I served CROWN from April 2011 to December 2012 as a graphic designer, magazine managing editor, bookstore manager, and teambuilding coach. I also co-lead with my girlfriend (soon-to-be fiancee!) a two-month outreach to Dominican Republic and England during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.


Although I was living on donated support from friends and family, my support income became too low for me to carry on as a missionary in YWAM and I unfortunately left in December. But God knew what he was doing. In less than a month, I became engaged to the girl of my dreams – an angel from Norway – whom I had met only a week after arriving in Kona.

So here we are in 2013. In October I’ll be getting married. I currently have no steady income – I’m working for my dad part-time doing home repairs, and doing a few freelance projects here and there, plus planning a wedding. It’s me desire to work in a ministry using the skills I have in graphic design to reach young people for Christ, someway, somehow.

This is what I do.

Graphic Design

Here I am sitting on top of the shipment of my first magazine, Transformations in 2012

After joining CROWN in April of 2011, I quickly took my place as print designer for the campus. As such, I also became managing editor of the campus donor and alumni magazine, Transformations.  This was the first magazine I’ve ever worked on, and it was a major milestone for me when the first issue I published was released in March, 2012! I was able to publish one more issue before my exit.

Aside from the magazine, I also worked on projects such as brochures, posters, fliers, and much more. I also contributed to the redesign of the YWAM Kona campus website.

While this is the area that uses my degree and training the most, I have another passion that is completely different. This new passion is something I know God will use no matter where He leads me.


It was while taking the PCYM in Richmond that I was first introduced to the concept of teambuilding. I didn’t pay much attention to it until after I returned home and volunteered to coordinate games for a new mentoring program that Camp Dixie was starting called Project SaM.

I began applying what I had learned in PCYM to the games I facilitated, and right away I was told that I was a natural. I continued to build my experience for the 5 years I was home, as well as a library of games to choose from. It quickly became my new passion, and eventually I branched out and started Synergy Factory – a ministry focused on taking teams to the next level in teamwork.

Fire & Fragrance DTS outreach team playing a game dealing with conflict. They’re all smiles!

As a teambuilding coach, I can train teams of any type to carefully examine and improve how well they communicate, trust each other, manage conflicts, commit to the group, stay accountable, and strive for their goals. Whether it’s a short hour, a full day, or a series of semenars, I run a team through several games and strategic activities and then facilitate conversations about each of these levels.

These levels of teamwork are instrumental to missions teams, school teams, and teams in the corporate world. But I believe they are instrumental to marriages as well. With that in mind, I’m now researching how to expand this ministry. Marriage coaching – using games to create a fun atmosphere – might just be what puts Synergy Factory on the map!

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